History & Background

The Trust was originally established at the instance of the National Bus Company (NBC) when it was feared that a considerable volume of their papers, especially relating to planning, technical, vehicle, trade union and individual company matters, would be at best dispersed, or at worst disposed of, because the Public Record Office felt that such papers were not appropriate to its own archive.

Extensive enquiries were made to find a safe haven for these NBC papers but none of the many bodies approached were able to help at that time so it was necessary to “go it alone” in order to ensure that much valuable material was not lost and hence our Trust was formed.   The name Kithead arises from the fact that we leased a specially constructed building from Kithead Limited and no more appropriate name could be thought of at that time.

In 1990 the Trust was accepted and registered by the Charity Commissioners as an educational charity.

In order to accommodate additional material, it became necessary in 1995 to build an extension to the archive.  This work was entirely funded by Messrs Arthur Townsend O.B.E. and David Beaman.   A further extension in 1999 was funded in similar fashion by Messrs Garry Charles and Andrew Vernon and in each case their generosity has been recognized by attaching their names to the archive.

Thanks to the generosity of National Express and of Stagecoach Holdings, we were able to install a system of heating and air conditioning which ensures that temperature and humidity remain within the limits recommended by the British Standard Specification for archives.  

In 2004, the Trust bought out by agreement the interests of the shareholders in Kithead Limited and we have taken over that part of the building previously occupied by the company.   This has enabled us to provide better facilities for visitors as well as enlarging our storage space considerably.

The work of cataloguing is done entirely by volunteers and is therefore a somewhat slow procedure.   Efforts are being concentrated on listing older, or previously published, material which can be made immediately available to researchers.
Kithead Trust, De Salis Drive, Hampton Lovett, Droitwich, WR9 0QE
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