Much of the Trustís original archive related to the activities of the National Bus Company and its various subsidiary companies.   In addition, at privatization, the statutory books of the various non-trading subsidiaries of NBC were lodged with the Trust by the liquidators.

Substantial deposits have subsequently been received from a number of ex-NBC sources including the Alder Valley, City of Oxford, Eastern National, East Kent,  Midland Red, Northern General, Potteries, Southdown, Trent and Wilts & Dorset companies relating both to themselves and their predecessor companies.

The files of the erstwhile Association of Public Passenger Transport Operators (previously the Municipal Passenger Transport Association) are housed and the Birmingham Transport Historical Group has donated its own considerable archive relating to the five Corporations which formed the West Midlands P.T.E. and of the P.T.E. itself.

Other material has been donated (or bequeathed) by individuals from their own private collections and many of our older runs of periodicals originated from this source.   There is also a reasonable collection of road and rail timetables.

In 1994, the Department of Transport decided that to maintain their historical reference library was a luxury which their budgetary constraints would not permit but they were concerned that it should not be split up.   The Trustees were pleased to accept this substantial volume of published material relating to all forms of transport and associated subjects and extending from about 1800 up to the present day.   Material continues to be added to this extensive library of books and periodicals, which forms a valued source of reference and background material for researchers.

By arrangement, the Trust also houses the extensive archive of the Signalling Record Society (devoted to the study of railway signalling) and this is available for research by members of that society.  
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