Welcome to the official website of The Kithead Transport Archive which is the working title of The Kithead Trust.   The archive incorporates The Townsend-Beaman Archive and the Vernon-Charles Archive both named from the benefactors who sponsored the sections of the archive which bear their names.


The Kithead Trust came into being through concerns that much historical material of the National Bus Company would be lost or dispersed when the subsidiary companies were privatized and NBC itself wound up.


John Austin Birks was the NBC director primarily concerned in this matter and it was his initiative in 1987 that led to the formation of The Kithead Trust and the rescue of many important records.  John Birks became the first Chairman of the Trust and remained a trustee until his untimely death in 2003.


Since its formation much other material has been donated to the Trust which now includes papers and publications relating to all forms of transport.


Particularly well used are the motor vehicle taxation records, of which a large quantity are held.

The Trust is governed by a small group of volunteer trustees.   It has no general membership from which to secure income and funding comes entirely from donations.

The trustees confidently expect that the archive will become an increasingly valuable resource for historians as the years go by.


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Last updated 9 November 2016

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