How we work

Although the cards which the Trust holds relate to only a very small percentage of the vehicles which have existed, it is nevertheless estimated that we hold well in excess of two million records and whilst we are happy to provide such information as we can, there is a considerable time involved in locating and extracting details. The Trust is not publicly funded in any way and relies entirely upon its users and supporters to cover its operational costs.

This is how we work and our scale of charges:

  1. All motor taxation enquiries should be made in writing, and be accompanied by a fee of £15 (including VAT) for each registration mark, together with a stamped addressed envelope. Cheques should be made payable to “The Bus Archive”.
  2. If we know that we cannot assist then your fee will be returned to you and we will let you know whether any other repository is likely to be able to help.
  3. If the registration mark is one for which we may have records, then we will undertake a search and let you know the result.
  4. If the result of the search is negative, for example there is a missing index card or there is no information on the card, then we will advise you of this. In this circumstance, we will have carried out a search and so the fee cannot be returned.