Regaining a lost mark

Only a minority of our records, usually those which include a chassis or frame number, have sufficient information for DVLA purposes.

If you are trying to regain a lost mark, we recommend that you make a preliminary enquiry with the standard search fee of £10 but inform us of the object of your enquiry and provide us with as many details of the vehicle as possible, including the chassis or frame number.

When we respond, we will indicate whether there is sufficient detail in our records to provide a unique match with your vehicle. If there is we will offer to provide a certified copy at a further fee of £30. If you accept this offer and send us the necessary remittance, we will send you two certified true copies of the document we hold, one for DVLA and one for you to retain. Such certificates are normally accepted by DVLA in cases where original marks are sought to be kept or re-gained.